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Have you noticed those funny looking boxes in magazines or other print ads?  You are probably wondering what the heck they are and what it’s all about.

These crazy looking bar codes are called QR Codes or Quick Response Codes.  These are the new dynamic marketing tool that started in Asia over 10 years ago and has made its way through Europe and now into North America.  The codes are made up of three anchor boxes with a myriad of smaller black boxes that can be read by smart phones.  All you have to do is get a QR Code reader which is a free app from one of several different websites to start using them and you simply take a picture of the code with your phone to get redirected to the end content.

Here is the really fun and exciting part.  Say you are walking down the street in Salmon Arm and see one on a restaurant window.  You can scan the code and a menu could come up on your phone so you can see if you like the menu before you even get into the restaurant.  That is just one example of how these codes can be used.  Here is a list of other great uses:  a redirect to a website for more information; a text message; a phone number; a SMS or short message service; an email address, a geo location; a calendar event; and more.

With this being a relatively new concept here and in other places, QR Codes being used for marketing purposes have no one great use and the greatest idea for using them hasn’t really come about because it really depends on your business and creativity.  For example, I was at a seminar where I had one printed on a white shirt and people at the seminar could scan my shirt which took them to my website.  Immediately they could see more information about my business and what I am about.  People who have smart phones like the iPhone, Blackberry, Android and such love their apps and love to use and discover new ones.  These QR Codes allow users and businesses to have a very dynamic relationship that was not available before.

Now businesses have the capability of sending offers directly to your phone and providing great offers and incentives to people in Salmon Arm and where ever else.  Like I mentioned before, you can print these on shirts, I have them on my business cards and you can also incorporate them into your web design.  For instance if you go on my website and scan the QR Code on the site you get redirected to a special offer.  It’s like unwrapping a gift, by presenting a mystery and people have to scan to get to the other side to see what the offer is.  People love that, because it is intriguing and interesting.

So, if you are a business, you really want to get started with using QR Codes as a new way of marketing your business to stand out from your competition like one computer store in Salmon Arm has done with a large banner outside.  There are so many ways to use these as I have mentioned.  Get creative, have a great offer for your customers and embrace this new technology because your customers will respond in a positive way.

There are two key parts to this equation for users is the QR Code reader and the QR Code generator with kaywa and qrstuff being some of the most popular sites used.  I can help you get a campaign started whether it is for web design in Salmon Arm or printing.

If you are ready to excite your customers with QR Codes in Salmon Arm or where ever you may be contact me and I can develop your campaign to increase your revenue and excite your customer base.  250-253-2491

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