The difference between a blog and a website

weblogsite-1Blog- Web Log or a journal of entries

Website – A collection of pages that are interconnected.

As the internet expands in the cosmos between each persons computer and unknown stores of information the difference may become undecipherable.

Structure and navigation is the main stabilizer of a site. This site is a blog. It allows for more interactivity amongst readers as they become part of the blog. They can voice their opinions, feelings or ask questions that relate to posts.

Websites on the other hand are for a different purpose. They are static information portals that allows searchers to find information that is simply based on their search. This can also be used as a basic shopping experience or for entertainment.

One day with all of the plug-ins, social networking sites and tweetings these programs will blend into one unit that incorporates technologies that are specifically designed for the user. YOU!

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