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Did you know that Arial text is the easiest text to read online?

Readability is Crazy Important!!!!! (spelling mistake on purpose)

Arial font has 40% higher readability online. What this means is that it is easier to read for a long period of time.

If your customers are reading your blog posts having text that is easy on the eyes means that they will stay on your blog longer. You WANT to make sure that after your peeps who read your posts don’t head over to the local eyeglass shop for new goggles. They will love you for it and not realize even why.

As an example.. I was surfing a few days ago and OMG!!! The yellow in the background was SO BRIGHT I almost fell over my chair. This color was so intense I almost hit the back button. Ontop of that the text was so hard to read that I copied the text and pasted into an editor just to read the content. The sad thing was the blog posts had such great content and it was “over shadowed” by the canary yellow crossed with blown up baby chicken scratch that I felt blinded!

Don’t make the same mistake for the sake of “design” elements that look “pretty”. Designs are about the end user. Your customers.

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