White Hat vs Black Hat SEO

White Hat and Black Hat are not about style nor old western movies.


It is about legitimacy.

White Hat = Good blog & website building practices

Black Hat =  Bad blog & website building practices.

White Hat SEO: One of the best SEO ways is to craft your blog or website for long term results and making Google happy. Basic rules apply when creating a blog or website. Find out what your customers want and give it to them. Isn’t that what you do in your business and isn’t that what Google always aims to do?. It is about serving the customer and then yourself. Keep it clean and make it simple. Always improve. This is what White Hat is about.

Black Hat SEO: The black hat practices like spamdexing are not in your best interests and partaking in anything that deviates from being good to Google is a practice that I do NOT recommend. What some developers do is set their websites to take hostage of you or manipulate your computer to do what they want. Websites that rely on black hat practices to get their sites highly ranked require trickery and constantly being slapped by Google and other search engines that uses  algorithms to  launch their results. By trying to beat the system with Black Hat practices can work short term but Google will slap you if they think that you are trying to cheat people and do the wrong thing PLUS black hat websites eventually get banned.


Google rewards you by having a blog or a website that helps your customers with pertinent information that they are looking for. This can be as simple as telling people how you can help them. How you are different. Why you love your business. How the Shuswap is part of your life. How you involve yourself in your community. What you do for fun. How customers can protect themselves . Your ideas can be infinite. If you can keep your customers in mind when you blog or create your website and how you can serve them… your business online and off will fly.

Let me fit you for your white hat before you start dueling with your computer and send it to boothill.

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