9 Reasons to Use Hostgator

9. Cheap is great but budget and free are never good
8. Make sure you have phone support
7. Linux rocks windows hosting sucks
6. Always use cpanel control panel
5. Make sure there is one click script installation
4. Test the hosting support before buying
3..Larger more stable companies offer peace of mind
2. Be aware of  your uptime
1. Backup your sites regularly

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Hostgator bites the Competition

I Use Hostgator and this is why you should too!Picture 2

Hostgator uses  cPanel which allows ease of use, reliable service and the ability to grow your business on a solid platform as a web host manager.

As a customer of Hostgator I provide you not only with service from my website development skills and custom graphics that are placed on your hosting account but should our relationship change and grow then your web-hosting can change and grow with you.

I want our experience to be a happy one.

As a Hostgator customer if you decide that you want to take control of your website or blog I can grant you access and you can develop to your hearts content should that be something that you have a craving for.

Our relationship will be built on trust and growth and having cPanel on Hostgator allows us to do that together. Cpanel is most commonly used hosting control panel system. That being said third party plug-ins and developers tend to lean towards support such as wordpress and performing applications.

Most larger hosting companies that have dedicated servers or cloud hosting are much more “exclusive” where with Hostgator can be used by people like you and me.

By being on the same company hosting account type we have a basic understanding of the same language and should any technical problems arise we can challenge and over come them together.

As a hostgator user you can choose to stay with us or hop away from my company to another web host using WHM/cPanel, because there are so many web hosts using cPanel. This ensures that you as the customer are being taken care of. That you can choose what is right for you at ALL times.

As a side note Hostgator’s reputation is considered by many top online marketers and hosting resellers as a high quality provider that you can rely on. One of the main reasons we had chosen hostgator for our hosting and why you should too in January 2010 HostGator has just purchased additional certified REC’s (renewable energy credits) for our nearly 9,000 servers. This covers our entire server base, plus it gives them room to expand while more than offsetting the server’s carbon footprint. Instead of just offsetting our server’s emissions,they have committed to a 130% offset. Since Hostgator is based in Texas, this investment goes towards Texas wind energy.

As a HostGator customer, you should know that your web site is being powered by a 130% green server.

How you get started can be either on your own or I can do this for you.  All you have to do is pick up the phone and let me know that you want to be a Hostgator customer or that you need design and web development.

So what if you choose that you go with Hostgator? You can be rest assured that you have quality standing behind you, that your website will be up and running in a VERY short time and that it is designed and created with you in mind.

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Colin the Design Rock Czar