Showdown in the Wild Wild Web

Picture 5It’s Highnoon. The showdown begins, Who will be left standing?

The comparison between websites and blogs are about to begin. The movement in the boom-town of the internet has paths leading in different directions. People are arriving by foot, horseback, train and carriage. There are many who are trying to civilize the online community. The wildness and the unknown of this settlement excites us and scares us.

BANG! Bullets of text fly in different directions and you hope you don’t get caught in the cross fire.

All you know when you venture in is that you want to create a viable business and people to find you. Where do you start? What size will your website or blog business be? Are you settling into the right town where the gold rush WILL be or are you moving into a ghost town where people are leaving in droves? Where do you start?

You bravely moved into the new town and looking to set up shop. You have your wares in place and  you have a service. Now you just need a place and a name. Gosh where do you start? .com  .org  .net  .ws? Which one? A tiny little place? Something glamorous?  You just want to open your doors and get started so your customers can get to know you.

A tiny little shack on the outside of town where people are entering so you can snag the first new people? Or do you want to be where the action is and the competition is to get the attention of the people? How do you get peoples attention when they don’t know you and are distrustful of strangers? So much going on that you can get lost in the shuffle.

The Google sheriff demands different rules and you have to play along. He rewards those who keep their businesses legit and try not to cheat. Overall the Sheriff Google likes business that serve their customers. He is always on the lookout of the cheaters and wants to boot them out of town.

The answer? You create a way for people to know you. How do you do that? By laying your cards on the table and showing them who you are.

Traditional websites are great when you have a strength in your business, you are popular and you have something to share. There are different purposes of websites. I believe the internet movement will move to a blog. The reason I say this is communication is a two way street. People want to interact with each other. We want to communicate. The example of this is Facebook, Youtube, Twitter. Social networking is never going to go away.

As an information and sales tool, blogs allow for interaction both with you and your customer. Blogs can be used as a static explanation of your business OR if you want to get your hands dirty and get into the action you can partake in the building of your business. Blogs allow people to interact with you and help the town flourish with you in it. You will become part of the larger community and watch the fly by nights sneak off into the distance.

Once the dust settles people will know you, like you and trust you because you have been there and have seen the action and have known how to remain stable while the swirl of change has settled.

Be in the town where the water flows, the train brings in more people, where the people settlin’ in!

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