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Have you noticed those funny looking boxes in magazines or other print ads?  You are probably wondering what the heck they are and what it’s all about.

These crazy looking bar codes are called QR Codes or Quick Response Codes.  These are the new dynamic marketing tool that started in Asia over 10 years ago and has made its way through Europe and now into North America.  The codes are made up of three anchor boxes with a myriad of smaller black boxes that can be read by smart phones.  All you have to do is get a QR Code reader which is a free app from one of several different websites to start using them and you simply take a picture of the code with your phone to get redirected to the end content.

Here is the really fun and exciting part.  Say you are walking down the street in Salmon Arm and see one on a restaurant window.  You can scan the code and a menu could come up on your phone so you can see if you like the menu before you even get into the restaurant.  That is just one example of how these codes can be used.  Here is a list of other great uses:  a redirect to a website for more information; a text message; a phone number; a SMS or short message service; an email address, a geo location; a calendar event; and more.

With this being a relatively new concept here and in other places, QR Codes being used for marketing purposes have no one great use and the greatest idea for using them hasn’t really come about because it really depends on your business and creativity.  For example, I was at a seminar where I had one printed on a white shirt and people at the seminar could scan my shirt which took them to my website.  Immediately they could see more information about my business and what I am about.  People who have smart phones like the iPhone, Blackberry, Android and such love their apps and love to use and discover new ones.  These QR Codes allow users and businesses to have a very dynamic relationship that was not available before.

Now businesses have the capability of sending offers directly to your phone and providing great offers and incentives to people in Salmon Arm and where ever else.  Like I mentioned before, you can print these on shirts, I have them on my business cards and you can also incorporate them into your web design.  For instance if you go on my website and scan the QR Code on the site you get redirected to a special offer.  It’s like unwrapping a gift, by presenting a mystery and people have to scan to get to the other side to see what the offer is.  People love that, because it is intriguing and interesting.

So, if you are a business, you really want to get started with using QR Codes as a new way of marketing your business to stand out from your competition like one computer store in Salmon Arm has done with a large banner outside.  There are so many ways to use these as I have mentioned.  Get creative, have a great offer for your customers and embrace this new technology because your customers will respond in a positive way.

There are two key parts to this equation for users is the QR Code reader and the QR Code generator with kaywa and qrstuff being some of the most popular sites used.  I can help you get a campaign started whether it is for web design in Salmon Arm or printing.

If you are ready to excite your customers with QR Codes in Salmon Arm or where ever you may be contact me and I can develop your campaign to increase your revenue and excite your customer base.  250-253-2491

iLike the iPad

Steve Jobs, and the crew from Apple Inc. have struck again. Wednesday they unveiled the new iPad to the world.
“There hasn’t been this much hype about a tablet since there were commandments written on one.” Wall Street Journal
This is a really exciting development from Apple to the whole tech industry. The iPad is a full touch screen device loaded with features to make your online experience much more enjoyable and user friendly. It has a 9.7 inch LED screen that is shaped like a letter which makes viewing magazines and photos ideal. The creation of iPad is ideal for these features because of it’s amazing ability to view things in portrait or landscape positions at will and can really enhance your internet viewing experience as you can view each website the way it was designed.
Netbook vs iPad. Don’t fool yourself or let anyone else fool you. There is no comparison. A netbook is simply a cheaper version of a laptop that does nothing better than a laptop or mobile phone. The iPad in contrast was specifically built in a 3rd category apart from phones and laptops with the requirement to do many things much better. One of the top functions was web browsing to be improved.
So what can this device do for you? The iPad comes with iTunes, iBook, Safari, lots of apps from the iPhone and many other features from iLife. Having iTunes on a device like this is really cool and will be a real sales drive because through your iTunes account you can buy music, tv shows, movies and podcasts. With the 9.7 inch LED screen it will be much more enjoyable to watch movies and shows compared to its kin of iPods and the iPhone.
What I really love about this device is its great potential and simplicity. I believe this will truly change the industry and our lives the way the iPhone changed the mobile market. Having just a single screen to touch and navigate how you please will be a dream to use. With thousands of lines of sensitivity points, this makes for the most accurate touch screen device available. Just think about the next time your in an airport waiting several hours for your connection flight and need to kill some time. I see this a potential powerhouse for airline use and airport use with so many activities and games to be taken advantage of. Not only can you watch movies, listen to music and surf the web, but you could read books, magazines and newspapers. If only it could make us lunch or dinner, then we could completely bypass those outrageous airport food prices and have everything literally in our lap. Remember minivans before DVD players and the small fold down screens, many parents probably do, and they won’t go back. Now you can have a device that does much more than that.
How will this impact laptops and phones? I don’t see this effecting mobile phones really at all. These tools are designed for much different tasks and have varied  sizes. I see a solid future for the iPhone with no interference. Laptops are another story. At the present time, iPad won’t have the computing power to compete with most laptops, but I see this as an open door to what laptops will eventually become. The only challenge is its virtual keyboard and learning to use it with intensive tasks. Apple already thought of that by offering you a minimilist keyboard to work with as an optional accessory.
Going back to some of the features the iPad offers is one you probably never heard of, iBook. Well neither have I, but it doesn’t diminish its value or importance. In fact, I would say right now Amazon is shaking in its boots over the future of their own version released a few years ago. Kindle. The Kindle was a remarkable reading device that became so successful and revolutionary that it was featured on Oprah with CEO Jeff Bezos to tell the world all about it and Oprah seemed just awe struck by it. The Kindle continues to be successful with the backing of its own base network of Amazon where you can purchase the books to go on your device. They were pretty much the only game in town, but not any more. Now the iPad has landed and with many other features offered and a sharp LED screen Kindle may get a real run for its money. And not only books, but you will be able to read your favourite newspaper and magazines too. It will be interesting to follow the two and see what unfolds.
There is a huge market called the tween and teen market, our youth of today that have incredible influence and buying power. This is a substantial market to some and  is the biggest in the world. With disposable income and unyielding wants that are easily marketed to their adolescent sense of desire, devices like the iPad can really take off. The massively driven gaming market appeals to my own generation Y that grew up with the some of the very first in home video games. Every kid and young adult seems completely infatuated with the iPhone now and there seems to be two groups. Those who have it and those who wish they did. And before that the iPod seemed a little weird but it is now everywhere you turn. It is simply an icon of personal devices for entertainment and expression. I see the iPad becoming a similar phenom. Although its use right now may not be as vital as your phone or the need to listen to the latest radio hit, the iPad will have a massive following that will drive mobile use for business and personal use in it’s maturity. You have the capability of playing video games, listening to music, watching movies, tv shows and podcasts, surfing the web and sending emails. Its just about the complete package for what you really could want or need. Some may say its size could be larger and some may say its too large for everyday use to lug around. I think its an ideal size and because its so thin, it won’t be a second thought to carry around.
A new gold rush? Apple has stated that the iPad at this point has access to a mere (makes me laugh) 140,000 apps built for the iPhone with more coming soon. It is apparent that as sales begin and users become more familiar with the device that apps designed specifically for it will start flooding in. For app developers this could be a real gold rush of an opportunity to cash in on user feedback and ideas that could improve the iPad’s use. The iPhone has already created some overnight success stories that will surely overflow into this new market.
Picture this! That last digital picture frame you bought that was 6″ and cost far too much, but you had to have it. Well, I see iPad changing this market as well. Yes, it’s more expensive than a digital picture frame but it also does so much more! It isn’t just something pretty to look at.  This device can really compete against products that have one sole purpose in their life and do it quite well. But what happens when the new kid in town does your job much better, looks better and can do several other devices jobs much better too. Now that’s commercial envy my friends. This beauty comes with its own stand base so you can view it as portrait or landscape. Display your latest family photos or vacation videos for guests in your home with a crisp sharp LED screen with brilliant colours. But wait, there’s more, after you view some photos and videos, you put on some dinner music and create a sumptuous mood. Well thats pretty handy. Perhaps a digital fire place?
So here’s the low down on your new friend. The iPad is 9.5″ x 7.5″ and weighs 1.5lbs. It comes with 16, 32 or 64 GB flash storage as Wi-Fi or 3G Wi-Fi. Its super thin 0.5″ depth powers up to a 7.2 Mbps data transfer rate. The 9.7″ diagonal screen size has a 1024 by 768 pixel resolution run by a 1 Ghz A4 processor. With built-in speakers, microphone and headphone jack you can really use this device for many tasks complimented with an amazing 10 hour battery life.
There is so much to the iPad with opportunities abound for its future. I can’t help it. iLike the iPad.
I plan to invest in one so that I can develop websites that look great on this fantastic wave of the future, and have a great mobile internet device.
When you are ready to build a website call me and we can make a plan for your blog or website to look and work like a splash!

Between .Com And A Hard Place


So you’re gonna jump in and get a name (commonly known as url or domain name)  for yourself.

Ok. How to explain value. Imagine the big guys what do you think they would purchase?  Coke? McDonalds? Facebook? Twitter? Youtube? DING DING! That’s right! They would buy all the ones with their names in them. Well how can you afford that? Plus all the misspellings? Plus keywords? What if they are gone?

So many to choose from. .ca .com .net .org .mobi .me .us .whichone? Try everything in your power to get a .com at the end of your name first and foremost. I know I know, you may ask why…

I want you to type in at the top of the tool bar : Coke (no extention), Twitter (no extention) Youtube (no extention). Press enter. What did you discover?

The toolbar automatically adds .com to the name. Automatically? Automatically! Wow Hey? This is the biggest reason why you want .com FIRST before any other extension.

If you are looking to build a website and need a shuswapbusinessname.com let us know. We have many for sale or for rent for your business.

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Colin the Design Rock Czar

The difference between a blog and a website

weblogsite-1Blog- Web Log or a journal of entries

Website – A collection of pages that are interconnected.

As the internet expands in the cosmos between each persons computer and unknown stores of information the difference may become undecipherable.

Structure and navigation is the main stabilizer of a site. This site is a blog. It allows for more interactivity amongst readers as they become part of the blog. They can voice their opinions, feelings or ask questions that relate to posts.

Websites on the other hand are for a different purpose. They are static information portals that allows searchers to find information that is simply based on their search. This can also be used as a basic shopping experience or for entertainment.

One day with all of the plug-ins, social networking sites and tweetings these programs will blend into one unit that incorporates technologies that are specifically designed for the user. YOU!

Let move you into Web 2.0 Now so you can morph into a future webaviator

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